^ They Recognize My Footsteps ^

on Sabtu, Januari 15, 2011

Hello, how’s life all?
Let me tell you about my pets, do you wanna hear it? heemm, yeah I think so.. ^^

Well honestly I don’t know where are they come from...
That day, all at once they came to my house. So, I had an initiative to give them name.  
The first cat, named inoz. why? because his face always shows the innocence, not only that but she also bit quiet and without expression, she has dense fur and white, her eyes is glazed.


she is very different from a second cat, named murdok. In fact, his name did not come from me, but my brother. murdok is inoz's child, he is very naughty and aggressive. His fur are dense and gray. I always invites them to play, and as you can imagine inoz always expressionless, very different with murdok who always wanted to scratch and bite.


Funny things that, they are always hungry and sometimes they choose the foods they want to eat. very different to other cats, right?
well, it’s a little bit troublesome... huph! 
but the thing I like the most is they are very spoiled to me. they even recognize my footsteps. Hohoho...
Unfortunately, not all my family likes them. so, if I was not at home, they are sometimes didn't eat. :'((

Colaboration of inoz and murdok

I still love them because I was very fond of cats... ^_____^

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