on Rabu, Juni 27, 2012

Hei eperibadih? miss me huh? :p haha
no words can i say how much i miss my home sweet home "FAI-ZEALOTOUS" and also for all my brodah and my sistah (specially ENHA! damn, she care bout me so much! tengkyuu sist. saya do'ain dapat jodoh seganteng jodoh saya yaaaaa. #loh?). #basabasisepertibiasa-ngeehehe

something missing, detz the appropriate words to describe my feeling when i take a long time to leave this- my lovely blog-. i dont meant det. but, when we facing our real life, detz will be different story. Real life about what? real life about LIFE! :D

have you look at the pikcer? look at once again, please... (maksa). Is she beautiful? if dets question goes to me, i'll say "she's quite beutiful" (cukup deh cukup, cukup buat saya bo'ong. ahihihi). am not going to talk bout her (coz this entri doesn't inaf for det), but am willing to tell u bout our friendship. not as perfect as u think of, but the point is i fell comfort when i wif her. (altof, she's little bit moron and she's likes a bounce :p :D).

# i said, "look at the picture carefully. i was in her glasses. i was so cool in that time! (padahal biasa aja =,=a )

have a nice day, babaiii...

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